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This week Denver ties the Red Serendipity. This Midge variation with a tuft of deer hair for the wing case to create the profile of an emerging midge. This pattern works well on the Missouri River and is a good producer.

Dai-Riki #135 Size 18
UTC 70 - Red
UTC Ultra Wire BR - Silver
Dyed Deer Body Hair - Natural
Denver ties the Purple Lightning Bug. This pattern fishes well most months of the year, but especially in the Fall and Winter months, and makes for a great mayfly or midge imitation.  
• Dai-Riki #135, Size 18
• Purple Haze Holo Flash Fibers
• Peacock Herl
• Medium Holo Tinsel - Purple
• Ultra Thread 70 - Black
• Ultra Wire SM - Black
• 5/64" Bead - Black
The Zebra Midge is a simple pattern to tie and is a staple pattern here on the Missouri River all year. This bug has an added wing of Krystal Flash.

• Dai-Riki #135 Hook - Size 18
• UTC Ultra Wire - SM Silver
• UTC Ultra Thread 70 - Brown
• 5/64" Bead - Black
• Krystal Flash - Medium Brown
Denver Rathbun at the Great Falls Big R Fly Shop is behind the vise tying the Ray Charles, which is a must-have for the Missouri River. It works all year round and is a key sow bug or scud imitation. Tie it in pink, tan, gray, and white.

• Dai-Riki #135 Scud Hook - Size 16
• Small Silver Wire
• Medium Pearl Tinsel
• 70 Ultra Thread - Burnt Orange
• Ostrich Plume - Shrimp
Fred at the Great Falls Shop ties his Foxy Jig Minnow. This Clouser-style, jig pattern uses materials that are great for triggering fish.

• Daiichi 4660 90˚ Jig Hook - Size 4
• Spirit River Real Eyes Plus - Size 3/16"
• UTC 140 Ultra Thread - Olive
• UV Krystal Flash - Pearl
• UV Large Eye Guinea Feather - Chartreuse
• Arctic Fox Body - Olive
• UV Ice Dub - Red
Denver at the Great Falls Big R Fly Shop ties his Dead Drift Sculpin. Wake up big lethargic fish with this fun, quick-to-tie pattern. The use of a jig hook allows this fly to ride flat in the water and skip and bounce off structure.

• Spirit River Real Eyes Plus 5/32" - Nickel Pearl
• UV Polar Chenille - Copper + Olive
• Magnum Rabbit Strips - Black
• Daiichi 4660 Jig Hook - Size 4
Fred Telleen ties his Flash Bang Intruder. Purple and blue are great colors for Salmon and Steelhead.

• Senyo's Articulated Shank 1"
• 20# Maxima
• Spirit River Real Eyes Plus - 3/8" Gold/Chartreuse
• Daiichi 2557 Intruder Hook - Size 2
• Senyo's Laser Dub - Chartreuse/Purple
• UV Polar Chenille - Pink
• Krinkle Mirror Flash - Pearlescent
• Purple & Blue Flashabou
Denver Rathbun from the Great Falls Fly Shop has had recent success using his Sookitdown Skater west of the divide. This highly visible pattern rides high on the water and creates a wake that triggers a predatory response in fish; large fish.

• #8 Gamakatsu Salmon Hook
• Dyed blue deer hair
• Brown Crystal Flash
• 2mm Sheet Foam
Sam Wike is on the vise this week to tie the Hobo Spey, commercially tied by Solitude Fly Co. This fly's purpose is to crush Steelhead, but Sam has also swung this fly with great success on the Missouri River for Rainbow and Brown trout.

• 20mm Waddington Shank
• 30lb Fire Line
• #4 Octopus Hook
• Blue Angel Hair
• Guinea Feather
• Black Marabou
• Lady Amherst Feather
Greg Bennett from the Big R Fly Shop in Omak, WA is behind the vise tying his Disco Dolly Parton, a pattern he developed and has been fishing for years. He ties it in sizes 6 to 2 and says that any color combination will work. The incorporation of 3/8" foam window insulation gives this fly an attractive wobble in the water.

• Size 6 Dai-Riki #200
• 3/8" Window Insulating Foam
• New Age Chenille - Any Color
• UV Polar Chenille - Any Color
For October's Creature Classic, Denver Rathbun from the Big R Fly Shop in Great Falls, MT ties the Goddard Caddis in fall colors. This fly does exceptionally well in the late summer and fall.

• Size 14 Tiemco TMC 100
• Size 14 Whiting 100's Saddle Hackle
• Schlappen Feather Stem
• Black 70 Ultra Thread
• Orange Deer Body Fur
• Peacock Hurl
For October's Creature Feature, Denver Rathbun is back behind the vise tying a Purple Guinea Steelhead fly that has been quite productive on the Ronde, Clearwater and Snake Rivers.

• Gamakatsu T10-3H Steelhead Hook - Size 8
• Fluorescent Purple Guinea Hackle
• Purple 140 Ultra Thread
• Purple UV Ice Dub Purple
• Pearl Tinsel
This week Greg Bennett, fly shop lead at the Big R Fly Shop in Omak, WA, is behind the vise tying his Crawdad. Incorporating Fish Skull's Crawbodies, Greg puts together a unique, versatile, easily customizable fly that can be either swung, drifted, or striped, depending on your own personal application.

• Size 6 Gamakatsu Steelhead Hook
• Orange and Black Centipede Legs
• Bloody Black Saddle Feather
• Fish Skull Crawbodies
• UV Ice Dub in Orange
• UV Ice Dub in Black
• .025 Lead Wire
• Olive Thread
Denver Rathbun at the Big R Fly Shop in Great Falls, MT is on the vise tying his articulated craft fur streamer. Both hooks in this fly are weighted with lead wire to get it deep, fast. The version he is tying for the video is in yellow and gray, but colors can be substituted for any application or species representation.

• Craft fur in any two colors
• Gamakatsu B10S Stinger Hook Size #2
• MFC Medium Fish Eyes
• 210 Ultra Thread
• .035 Lead Wire
• 30# Fire Line
• Medium Brass Cone Head
• Medium Size Bead

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